Manufacturing high quality products, coatings, & technologies for Wood & Contract Manufacturing Markets, since 1961.

Ceramic Industrial Coatings

Since our start in 1961, Ceramic Industrial Coatings has developed over a thousand products for Wood Coatings, Concrete Coatings, and Contract Manufacturing markets.

Located in Osseo, MN, we have been manufacturing high quality products and coatings for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to regional fabricators and consumers.

Years of proven product performance, ongoing research and development, and superior product quality and service will give you peace of mind when selecting our products.  We are committed to serving our customers with superior products and services that stand the test of time in a variety of application environments.
CI Coatings can supply a wide range of products and technologies covering the following markets:

  • Wood – clear coats, sealers and varnishes, pigmented paints and primers, custom stains, urethane’s, specialty effect glazes and finishes.
  • Contract Manufacturing – epoxy and urethane flooring systems and coatings, masonry, tile and concrete sealers, wall matrix, and concrete repair products.

In addition to meeting individual customer needs, products can be customized to meet specific applications, color, gloss, dry times, line speeds, and more.
All product lines are available in water based or compliant solvent offerings.