Our Company started in 1961 under the name Concrete Chemical Products, with an initial focus on paints and epoxies for Concrete. In 1978, we changed our name to Ceramic Industrial Coatings, moved to the Osseo factory and focused on metal and concrete coatings.

In the mid-90’s, we added additional equipment, started our Contract Manufacturing business to complement the coatings operations, and began supplying the wood market.

In early 2000’s, the production facility was expanded further and the product development laboratory was added.Investments in people and equipment have accelerated the past 5 years to accommodate our growth, and increase our talents and operational capabilities. We are very proud of our strong history for giving us a platform to build even more success in the future. Today, we have an excellent facility that can produce a variety of products – with safety, quality and responsiveness.

If you need to confidentially outsource production – please contact us for your Contract Manufacturing needs.

If you need wood coatings, we work hard every day to develop and supply wood coatings that will exceed our customers’ expectations. Custom coatings, challenging applications and custom colors are our specialty.

Our team of skilled employees are devoted to solving customer problems and creating coatings that stand the test of time.