Prevent Eye Injuries

Prevent Eye Injuries

There are 500,000 eye injuries every year in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that American businesses spend $450 billion each year on about 70,000 workplace eye injuries. The majority of these injuries occur because employees are either not wearing any eye protection at the time of their accident or they aren’t wearing the right kind of eye protection for the job.

Eye Injury Prevention Measures:

*Keep household chemicals, cleansers, paints, tools, etc. locked up and away from children.

*Almost anything that can splash into the eye can damage it: so always wear appropriate protective eye wear while working with or around chemicals.

*Never remove safety guards from power equipment. Always wear protective eye wear to protect against flying particles when operating any power equipment.

*Pick up yard debris before using lawn equipment and wear protective eye wear while operating it. Do not allow children to play in areas where lawn equipment is being used.

*Use sports-specific eye wear to avoid sports-related eye injuries.

*To ensure effectiveness, make sure protective eye wear is proper fitting and appropriate for the hazards present.


Depend on safety because your family depends on you.
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