Cure and seal, decorative and high performance sealers for concrete, stone and tile applications.

Water and solvent based. Interior and exterior. Also, water repellants, silanes andĀ  specializedĀ  industrial specified and DOT sealer

Concrete and Stone Sealers Code TDS

Solvent-BasedSolvent borne acrylic sealers . High performance . Non-yellowing. Meets or exceed ASTM 1315 abd 309. Standard and low VOC versions available.

Z700 HPHigh Performance concrete sealer. Non -yellowing. Meets ASTM 1315. Class A and 309.

  • IX-77700A

Z400 HPHigh Performance concrete sealer. Non -yellowing. Exceeds ASTM 1315. Class A. Low VOC + OTC Complaint at 350 g/l VOC

  • IX-77400A

Ceram-SuperSealHighest perfomance- superior build and durability for decorative high gloss applications

  • IX-9000A

Water-borneAcrylic sealers. High performance . Standard curing sealers as well as decorative stone sealers

Conventional water base cure and seal.Meets ASTM 1315 Class C.

  • WX-8682

Decorative Stone SealerHigh performance wet look sealer. VOC under 100 g/l. Meets ASTM 1315. Class A and 309.

  • WX-8776

DSS100PlusDecorative Stone Sealer Plus with Stainguard - Wet look sealer with added stainguard protection. VOC under 100 g/l

  • WX- 8826
Silane Siloxanes Code TDS