A full line of clear coats and sealers for lacquers to the “best in class” urethane’s as well as innovative water base clear coats.

NC Lacquer Code PDS

HAPS ComplaintSanding Sealer

  • IX-7843

Hi Performance Lacquer

  • IX-7379XX
Pre-Catalyzed Clear Lacquer Code PDS

Enviro-Vinyl Sealer

  • IX-7910


  • IX-7812XX

Envirolac Standard

  • IX-7814XX

Envirolac HS

  • IX-7827XX

Enviro Sealer

  • IX-7851

Envirolac P

  • IX-7905XX
Post Catalyzed Clears Code PDS

Care Seal HS FF5320 Sealer

  • BE-032005

EnviroCat QD

  • IX-2855XX

Amerivar DM5361

  • BE-0113XX

Innovat DM5329

  • BE-1108XX