Complete variety of stains, glazes and toners to create custom looks.  In-house Custom stain matching and on-site technical service to improve applications and assist with custom projects.

Water and solvent base, Spray and Wipe, Spray No Wipe and Wiping stains, Custom matching and excellent repeat quality.

Solvent Stain bases Code PDS

HAPS Free SNW Stain

  • IX-7868

HAPS Free Toner

  • IX-7863

Spray & Wipe Stain

  • IX-5632
Solvent Based Wiping Glaze Code PDS

EV Standard Glaze Base

  • IX-5830

EV Flow Pen Glaze Base

  • IX-5840
Solvent Based Dry Glaze Code PDS

Becker Acroma Antik Tinktur

  • BE-011040
Tinters Code PDS

CIC Dyes

  • Several

CIC Micro Colorants

  • Several