Personal Safety Tips

PROTECT YOURSELF IN PUBLIC BY UTILIZING THE FOLLOWING PERSONAL SAFETY TIPS:   Be alert to your surroundings, and the people around you, especially if you are alone or if it is dark. (Wearing headphones, or texting/talking on a cell phone … Continued

Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical shocks and fires injure thousands of people each year. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington D.C., electrical wiring problems cause more than 40,000 residential house fires each year. TOP 10 ELECTRICAL SAFETY TIPS… Don’t ignore … Continued


SAFETY is our top priority… Safety works when we work together. Working together is indeed what safety is all about. It’s working smart. It’s watching out for each other. Congrats to CIC for working over 2015 Days without a lost … Continued

Zero Formaldehyde Wood Coatings

  Zero Formaldehyde Wood Coatings   Product Guide Formaldehyde is a gas that is emitted from common composite wood and wood finishing products.  It is a suspected human carcinogen and has been viewed with increasing concern in recent years because … Continued

Field Technical Support

Ceramic’s Field Technical Service Team is here to help..   Our 25+ years of experience means professional technicians who are ready to assist your operation in a variety of ways:   *Line Audits *New product trials *New equipment trials *Troubleshooting … Continued

Transferring Liquid Grounding and Bonding

  Use grounding and bonding when pouring off flammable liquids. Transferring a liquid from one metal container to another may result in static electrical sparks. To prevent the buildup of static electricity and prevent sparks from causing a fire, it … Continued


Ceramic Industrial Coatings now has two fully Auto Nova Flow Dispense Systems for Custom Wood Coatings, Paints and Stains. Industry leading technology which offers batch to batch dispensing consistency and accuracy. The dispensing system can accommodate a wide range of … Continued

Corob D600 Extra Dispensing Machine

Corob D600 Extra More Improvements have been added to Ceramic’s Water Wood Coatings Color Production. We have added the Corob D600 Extra Dispenser. This dispenser will increase the accuracy and repeat-ability on demand water based tinted paint orders.  In addition … Continued


Ceramic Industrial Coatings just recently celebrated 5 YEARS OF TAKING THE RIGHT STEPS.  Here at CIC we believe in S. T.E. P.   …. Safety Take Every Person! We have worked over 1840 days without a lost time accident! Let’s keep … Continued

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. On June 7th 2016 CIC went to Feed My Starving Children.   There was a total of 54 people (8) represented CIC. … Continued